A limited-edition set of 8 black and white photographs by Patrick Bingham-Hall.


High quality archival prints at A3 size, printed on Matte Art 250 paper.


All prints are signed by Patrick Bingham-Hall.


The complete set of 8 prints is priced at $1500. A single print is for sale at $250. Shipping within Australia is free.

A Note from Patrick

This is the first time that photographs from my archive have been made available for sale.


Selected images have now been ‘remastered’, and the prints will be released thematically, as limited-edition sets.


I’ve been photographing architecture since the late 1970s, and it has pretty much been my career and my passion ever since. Whenever I wasn’t photographing buildings for architectural commissions, I was photographing buildings for myself. And it wasn’t just buildings. I was photographing cities and landscape and people, sometimes all in one shot.


I taught myself all that I could about the world of architecture, art, landscape, design, and the history of civilisation. I did that through constant travel, and I conscientiously avoided formal tertiary education, in order to keep an open mind and to ensure that my photography did not lose its intuitive spark.


At a personal level, architecture suited me. I guess I’m one of those dreamy people who just likes to look at things over periods of time… landscape, weather, buildings. Nobody was going to pay me for photographing the landscape or the weather, but photographing buildings was reasonably profitable. So I could make money doing the only thing I’d ever been good at, which was standing around looking at things.


I have travelled endlessly for the last forty years, all through Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, and it seems to me that my essential approach and style have not wavered over that time. I'm taking photos in 2020 that could have been taken in 1983… it’s hard to tell the difference.


I shot on film until a decade ago. I used a 35mm Nikon for spontaneous shots and a 5×4 inch Cambo plate camera for more formal work. The plate cameras were hilariously difficult to use, but the quality was remarkable. Because the film and processing were so expensive for all formats, I had to make sure that every photo was perfect. Even in the digital age, I have retained that no-waste mentality… every shot must be terrific.


It seems to me that the constant – all through my photos – is my love of architecture at a purely aesthetic level.


I have often said that I love all types of architecture, just as long as it’s good architecture. 


Patrick Bingham-Hall

​© 2020 Patrick Bingham-Hall

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