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Patrick Bingham-Hall has worked worldwide for over thirty years. His books, photographs and essays reflect a broad cultural and historical awareness, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of architecture and design.

Patrick Bingham-Hall is the founder and owner of Pesaro Publishing, now based in England, Singapore and Australia. Pesaro has published over fifty books, all of which were instigated and edited by Patrick Bingham-Hall. He has also edited and produced many books for other publishers.

Patrick Bingham-Hall has long been regarded as one of the world's preeminent architectural photographers, and his work is regularly featured in leading design publications.


With a wide-ranging global client base, he is experienced at shooting in every conceivable climatic and cultural condition... from tropical heat and congested cities to icy winter and remote locations.


The most recent monographs by Pesaro Publishing include two volumes on WOHA Architects, and books on Cicada Landscape, K2LD Architects, Guz Architects, Peter Stutchbury, LOOK Architects, and CKOA Landscape. Each of these books was written and photographed by Patrick Bingham-Hall.

In 2016, Pesaro Publishing released Garden City Mega City. Authored by Patrick Bingham-Hall in collaboration with WOHA Architects, Garden City Mega City presents the unprecedented problems facing 21st century cities, and proposes considered – yet provocative – architectural and urban planning solutions.

Patrick Bingham-Hall is available for commissions worldwide. Please contact patrick@pesaropublishing.com



For any publishing inquiries, please contact info@pesaropublishing.com

Patrick Bingham-Hall has been writing on architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture, for over two decades. His writing reflects a preoccupation with the relationship between architecture and society, and with the co-existence of the built environment and the natural environment. All his writings are determined by an awareness of culture and context.

A recent essay for FuturArc magazine was entitled 'Sociable Architecture' and posited the notion that true sustainability could not occur without a renewed emphasis upon sociability. He coined the phase Urban Puberty to describe the 'growing pains' of Asia's rapidly emerging mega-cities, and the word Prototypology to chart the evolution of proposals to improve cities and the construction of individual buildings.

Patrick Bingham-Hall has authored fourteen books, and has contributed numerous essays to other publications. His articles have appeared in Architectural Review UK, Architecture Australia, The Architects' Journal UK, and Architectural Review Asia Pacific, amongst others.

He has edited the text for over sixty books, both for Pesaro and other publishers. He also writes project descriptions and presentations for architectural practices, as well as helping to formulate and articulate the identity of a practice.

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